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At the FSUK event in 2021, UH Racing unveiled the first electric car built by the team for over 10 years. This new electric car features four in-hub motors each with an output of up to 35kW, these motors are attached to a custom in-house designed planetary gearbox. The team stuck with a steel space-frame chassis, redesigned to fit a new 579.6V accumulator providing the 80kW power output allowed for competition. The continued use of the ultra lightweight Cesonite fabric body covering and thin fibreglass paneling closing the chassis allowed the team to keep the weight as low as possible. The aerodynamics saw a major overhaul allowing the team to increase the predicted downforce by over 70% compared with the previous virtual UH23 design. The UH23 2020/21 team displayed the car at FSUK, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the team was unable to complete the car fully and therefore did not run the car at the competition. The team decided to withdraw the car allowing next years team to develop the car further and prepare the car for track action in 2022.


  • - Body: Tubular Steel Space Frame Chassis
  • - Suspension: Direct Actuation Front & Pushrod Actuation Rear
  • - Powertrain: 579.6V Accumulator
  • - Drivetrain: In-house designed planetary gearbox
  • - Motors: 4x Fischer TI085 Electric Motors
  • - Wheelbase: 1580 mm
  • - Mass: 220 kg
  • - Rear wing: Quintuple Element, Carbon Fibre
  • - Front wing: Triple Element, Carbon Fibre
  • - Bodywork: Ceconite Aero Fabric, Carbon-Fibre Prepreg, Glass Fibre Prepreg
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