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In June 2019, we unveiled our 22nd combustion car. After UH20's engine was developed further by the UH21 team, the team chose to again use a Honda CBR500 power unit with a new Garrett turbocharger. The chassis is a steel space-frame, both stiffer and lighter than UH21, with the addition of ultra lightweight Ceconite fabric body covering, and recyclable carbon fibre composites developed alongside new partners Prodrive. The aerodynamics saw a further upgrade, with a 50% increase in downforce across the whole package. UH22 competed at three events in the 2019 season, only the second time the team has achieved this feat. Along the way it picked up a number of awards and accolades, finishing as the best car from the UK at both European events attended by the team. UH22 is now kept by UH Racing as a running show car.


  • - Body: Tubular Steel Space Frame Chassis
  • - Suspension: Direct Actuation Front & Rear
  • - Engine: Turbocharged Honda CBR500R
  • - Wheelbase: 1580 mm
  • - Mass: 200 kg
  • - Rear wing: Triple Element with Beam Wing
  • - Front wing: Triple Element
  • - Underbody: Flat floor with triple tunnel diffuser
  • - Bodywork: Ceconite Aero Fabric, Carbon-Fibre Prepreg, P2T Recyclable Carbon-Fibre, Glass Fibre
  • - Drivetrain: Electronically actuated gearshift with in-house designed spool
  • - Electronics: Life Racing F88 ECU, Race Technology DASH4PRO & RT Live, custom loom, live telemetry
  • Awards

    FSI: 8th Design

    FSI: 2nd Cost

    FSI: 12th Overall, Best UK Team

    FSUK: 8th Overall

    FSUK: 4th Endurance

    FSUK: 7th Design

    FSUK: Most Efficient IC Car

    FSN: 1st Efficiency

    FSN: 3rd Skid Pad

    FSN: 5th Overall, Best UK Team