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In June 2019, we unveiled our 22nd combustion car. After UH20's engine was developed further by the UH21 team, the team chose to again use a Honda CBR500 power unit with a new Garrett turbocharger. The chassis is a steel space-frame, both stiffer and lighter than UH21, with the addition of ultra lightweight Ceconite fabric body covering, and recyclable carbon fibre composites developed alongside new partners Prodrive. The aerodynamics saw a further upgrade, with a 50% increase in downforce across the whole package.


  • - Body: Tubular Steel Space Frame Chassis
  • - Suspension: Direct Actuation Front & Rear Suspension
  • - Engine: Turbocharged Honda CBR500R
  • - Wheelbase: 1580 mm
  • - Mass: 200 kg
  • - Rear wing: Triple Element with Beam Wing
  • - Front wing: Triple Element
  • - Underbody: Flat floor with triple tunnel diffuser
  • - Bodywork: Ceconite Aero Fabric, Carbon-Fibre Prepreg, P2T Recyclable Carbon-Fibre, Glass Fibre
  • - Drivetrain: Electronically actuated gearshift with in-house designed spool
  • - Electronics: Life Racing F88 ECU, Race Technology DASH4PRO & RT Live, custom loom, live telemetry
  • Awards

    FSI: 8th Design

    FSI: 2nd Cost

    FSI: 12th Overall, Best UK Team

    FSUK: 8th Overall

    FSUK: 4th Endurance

    FSUK: 7th Design

    FSUK: Most Efficient IC Car

    FSN: 1st Efficiency

    FSN: 3rd Skid Pad

    FSN: 5th Overall, Best UK Team