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On the 7th of June 2017, UH Racing unveiled our 20th Formula Student Car, and the first turbo-charged car designed and built. Following on from the reliability from UH19, the team continued to use a Honda CBR500 engine, and paired it with a turbo. The chassis was a steel space-frame, optimised on UH19's design to increase stiffness but reduce weight. The aerodynamics saw an upgrade, with side wings (swings), two sidepods for the very first year were designed, a triple element front wing, and an adjustable triple-element rear wing.


  • - Body: Tubular Steel Space Frame Chassis
  • - Suspension: Direct Actuation Front & Rear
  • - Engine: Turbocharged Honda CBR500 Twin Cylinder Engine with Custom Sump
  • - Wheelbase: 1580 mm
  • - Mass: 205 kg
  • - Rear wing: Adjustable, Triple Element
  • - Front wing: Triple Element
  • - Downforce: 50:50 Balance
  • Awards

    FSC: 1st Cost & Manufacturing

    FSC: 1st Design Event

    FSUK: Jaguar Land Rover 'The Art of Performance'

    FSUK: Most Effective Communications Strategy

    FSUK: 16th Overall

    FSG: 27th Overall, 2nd UK team

    FSC: Continental sponsored 'Best use of tyre data' award

    FSC: 2nd Overall, 1st UK team FSC Skidpad - 2nd FSC Endurance - 3rd FSC Efficiency - 3rd

    FSUK: 1st Place Design Event