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The 2013 car competed in the Formula Student UK event and Formula Student Germany. The 2013 car was somewhat of a revolution over past designs, being the first car to feature front and rear wings. The idea of aerodynamics was played with on UH15 but finally implemented on UH16. The decision was made to implement aerodynamics due to the large performance gains for a small weight penalty that could be achieved from having aerodynamics, with gains estimated at around 2 second per lap. Like the cars before it, UH16 featured a steel tubular space frame chassis and was powered by a fuel injected Yamaha R6 engine. At competition, for the second year in a row, UH Racing won the ‘Best Installation of an Internal Combustion Engine’ award sponsored by Mercedes AMG and the ‘National Instruments Measurement and Control Award’. At FSUK the team finished 18th overall with a third place at the cost event. The team improved for Germany, finishing 10th overall, with a 3rd place in the acceleration event and achieved the fastest lap on the endurance circuit.


  • Length: 2934mm
  • Width: 1423mm
  • Height: 1125mm
  • Wheelbase: 1550mm
  • Track: 1190/1140
  • Weight – no driver: 192kg
  • Weight – distribution including driver: 127/135
  • Suspension: Double unequal length A-Arm. Pull & Push rod actuated spring & coil-over damper,adjustable ARB
  • Tyres: 18.0″x6.0″-R25B Hoosier
  • Wheels: 177.8mm
  • Brakes: Bobbin float laser cut 304SS, hub mounted, 191mm OD4mm thk crossdrilled
  • Chassis construction: 2 piece steel tubular space-frame with bonded composite floor panel
  • Engine: Yamaha YZF-R6
  • Bore: 67mm
  • Stroke: 42.5mm
  • Cylinders:- 4
  • CC: 599
  • Fuel Type: 99 RON Unleaded
  • Fuel System: Student design/built, multi-point fuel injection
  • Max Power: 65 kW @12500 RPM
  • Max Torque: 58 @9000RPM
  • Transmission: Single 520 Chain
  • Differential: Salisbury Type Student Designed Adjustable Diff
  • Final Drive: 11/39
  • Awards

    FSG: 10th overall, 3rd in acceleration event, fastest endurance lap time

    FSUK: 18th overall, third in cost event, Mercedes AMG Class 1 Best Installation of an Internal Combustion Engine, National Instruments Measurement and Control Award