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After two years of development and intense work UH12 went on to massive success, achieving 2nd overall at Formula Student Germany 2009. The best international result of any UK team in Formula Student History. Operating under an improved team structure that integrated both Class 1 and 1(A) teams and working to a tight budget, UH12 kept to the core UH Racing design philosophy of building simple, reliable and highly competitive race cars. Initially formulated by designing the chassis and suspension systems together during the student’s industrial placement year, UH12 soon became a complete vehicle concept, before moving on to the design of the vehicle’s ancillary components. Key features of UH12 include an even lighter space frame chassis whilst maintaining last year’s stiffness values, increased camber compensation suspension geometry, an AP Racing braking system that maximises component commonality, and unique application of new composite materials. UH12 underwent the team’s most rigorous engine development programme to date. Utilising both simulation tools and the team’s dynamometer facilities, engine development concentrated on reducing fuel consumption and improving driveability. A complete redesign of the drivetrain assembly also facilitated a total mass reduction of 1.7kg whilst still improving maintenance accessibility through rear differential hangers.


  • - Body: Tubular Steel Space Frame
  • - Engine: Yamaha R6 600CC


FSG: 2nd overall, 4th in acceleration event, 3rd in skid pad event