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Lost Ark Games becomes a UH Racing Partner

Lost Ark Games becomes a UH Racing Partner


Lost Ark Games Limited from Stevenage, Herts, works hard to support local gaming groups and people who just love gaming, as well as operating a gaming shop in the town.

Owner Mick Paget says “Many of our customers also love motor racing. Sponsoring the University of Hertfordshire’s Racing Team was an easy choice for us – especially as one of your students has worked closely with us for a number of years helping to build our gaming community”

“We live in a world where everyone now plays and enjoys games. Playing games with each other encourages and develops team building. A racing car can only be effectively built and ran by a team that works – and plays – well together.”

Mick hopes that Lost Ark’s involvement in the UH Racing Team will help them work better together as a team and achieve their common goal, whilst also “showing everyone else what Lost Ark Games are about and our gaming ethos.”