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Crunch Time

Crunch Time


Crunch Time Part 1

March has meant one thing for a majority of the team… Dissertation time!

This piece of work is marked as a double module so it is vital that we get the work right. I can tell you from the team and personal experiences that this piece of work has made us do the following things:

  • Question why we do this degree
  • Lose sleep over what work we need to complete next
  • Be in university at ungodly hours to complete simulations
  • Shout at the computer many times about said simulations
  • Let it engulf our thoughts on a day-to-day basis
  • Neglect family/friends/partners for need to complete this work
  • Bond over the fact that we are all in this together
  • Share the victories (and the failures) that our projects hold
  • Learn more about other parts of the car

Most of all, it has made us realise how close we are to the end of this degree. That’s a scary thought: within two months, we will be students that are ready to graduate and take the skills that we have learnt to the world.

With that note, I’ll go and hand in my own dissertation now! The pedal box of UH17 has been a major part of my life for the last seven months, but now it has to be made for real and no longer be just something designed on paper.

See you next month! I hear it’s going to get hectic from here on!

Stephanie Alexander

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