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Yet another blog post!

Yet another blog post!


Enough fun to last a lifetime!

February has been a very busy month for the team. Competition is drawing closer and so are our dissertation deadlines so all that we can do is crack on with it!

We, as a team, would like to say a massive thank you to one of our sponsors PCubed, for taking the time to come in and talk to us about the work that they do and how they would be able to help us throughout the competitions coming up. They have added themselves to the long list of sponsors that have been able to come in and talk to us about how exactly their partnership with us works. This is always valuable because we get to learn about different products that we use and have a better understanding of our car overall.

Ross, one of the other blog writers, had to present a talk recently at Cranfield University as part of an IMechE event to win money to go towards our car. He came joint first with an engineer from Cranfield University who was also representing Lotus Engineering, which is amazing! It’s great to see that our students are recognised for their hard work.

Some of the team were able to go for a track day at Snetterton, where they able to take part and/or watch different cars being tested. This is always fun because you get to compare notes and see what other people are doing with their cars. And there can be some crazy things I can assure you!

Speaking of crazy things, I mentioned in my last blog that the team were able to meet members of McLaren Racing when they were participating in a team building exercise playing netball with Hertfordshire Mavericks. Well, I am actually a member of the university’s netball team and was able to organise a university version of the event, where UH Racing played UH Netball!! Unfortunately, I couldn’t personally participate due to injury, but I served as umpire and coach so still had a lot of involvement with the day. We went through warm ups and some basic netball skills, along with awareness of the rules and positions on the court before I unleashed the netball team on them. It was one of the most hilarious things I will ever see during my university time here. Everyone from UH Racing really put the effort in to play well and I am very proud of them. I am also still laughing from all the team coming back to me in the days that followed saying how much they ached! Netball is a game of stamina, agility, speed and skill and it was nice for them to see it first hand. It was also nice to see my two favourite things combined to make one event. Pictures should hopefully be appearing soon on the website and/or Facebook so look out for them.

February did seem to be a very busy month for birthdays. Many members of the team had small parties and lots of birthday cake! It’s nice to take some time away from our respective projects, just to relax and be able to refocus so that we can be prepared and ready to get back to work!

That’s all from me this month. Thanks for reading and keep checking the website, Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on and off the track!

Stephanie Alexander.