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Ross Craig Joins the UH Racing Blog Team

Ross Craig Joins the UH Racing Blog Team

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Manufacture of the best FS car to roll out of the UH workshop has begun!

After months of designing, deliberating and deciding, manufacturing of the chassis for UH17 has begun. From my own personal point of view this is a fantastic achievement as it has taking a lot of hard work to get to this stage. The chassis being manufactured is also stirring up excitement in the team that the car is now starting to come together and that the UH17 model that has been rotated, manipulated and viewed so many times on CAD is going to start becoming a reality! Many team members have got stuck in with cutting, applying and profiling the tubes, which in itself has kept morale high in the team that this year is going to be our year. With continued effort from the team that has been shown, the UH17 formula student car will be rolling out for testing in no time at all!

A visit to the Autosport Show for many of the team yielded great conversations with companies and a chance to have a look at last year’s cars from other Universities also, unfortunately we were not exhibiting this year with ours. The Autosport Show also was a very exciting few days for two members of the team. Jamie Armstrong and I took part in the live action arena on the Thursday, Saturday and Sunday of the show in racing Smart cars! If anyone reading this saw the live action arena, I am sure you will agree these looked fantastic cars to drive and they really were.

Looking forwards for the team, the next month will see the completion of the chassis, along with the mock fit of everything inside before it is sent off to be powder coated. As soon as this is completed it will be all hands on deck to assemble UH17 into the competitive and competition winning car that it will be!

Thank you for reading and I will be sure to keep the Facebook and Twitter pages up to date with the chassis progression for everyone to follow.

Ross Craig