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Stephanie’s Blog Part 3

Stephanie’s Blog Part 3


New Year… New car!

I hope all the readers of this blog had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with their family and friends. The New Year usually brings resolutions, with people vowing to change their habits and make a list of what they want to achieve. Me? My objectives never changed, because what I have wanted to achieve has been a four year process and will come to an end in May. Hopefully in November, I will be walking towards the Chancellor of the University in front of my family and close friends with a massive smile on my face and receiving a certificate to show the result of many years of hard work. But before that, UH Racing have a mission to win FSUK and FSG and I hope to be a part of that too!

The team has been working very hard over the Christmas break, with the guys in the Chassis department starting to manufacture the mainframe structure of the chassis. This is the biggest task the team will face: if we don’t have a chassis, we have nowhere to mount any of our parts to and therefore run a competitive car. Parts and material orders are starting to make their way back to us, keeping us on target for the completion of manufacture for UH17. Not only that, but we have all been managing our workloads from our respective courses as well, which at some times felt near impossible.

As a bit of fun, the girls of the team went to Rock ‘N’ Roll Bingo at the university pub before Christmas. This is basically where instead of numbers being shouted out by a caller, small snippets of a song are played and you can achieve either a line or a full house (depending on the number of people playing). As there are only two of us in the team, we felt some more bonding was needed! Unfortunately, we didn’t come away with any wins, but we did participate in a lot of laughter (and singing/dancing)!

Today was the FSG Registration and Quiz which we took part in, although we had already qualified due to finishing in the top 10 at last year’s competition. You really have to know everything about the competition for the quiz because they put out some really obscure questions that could catch you out if you didn’t know your rules from front to back. Our car number will be 10 for this year so look out for it in the future… It could be the one that wins!

Well, this is all for now. Thanks for reading and look out for pictures of UH17 during manufacture (on Facebook and Twitter)!!

Stephanie Alexander.