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SKF joins with UH Racing for another Year

SKF joins with UH Racing for another Year


UH Racing is pleased to announce that SKF are renewing the partnership between themselves and UH Racing for this year.

SKF is UH Racing’s official provider for all the bearings that we use on our car, and have supported the team for the last 5 years, providing both product and expertise during the design and manufacture of our UH Racing cars.

SKF’s Racing division is made up of just 14 people across the globe, with the demand in UK they have 5 of the 14 people right here, to service teams in every kind of racing, from Formula 1 to Rallying to Formula Student. Despite this they are only ‘official suppliers’ to a handful of teams worldwide, UH Racing being one, and Ferrari’s F1 team being another.

On 20th January they came in to deliver a talk on their company and the different types of bearings they can provide, so we know what to choose when we are designing a part. Racing provides a challenge for SKF’s expert designers because of the unique set of requirements that is required for, so we especially value their guidance when choosing parts, to make our car the best it can possibly be.