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Looking ahead

Looking ahead


Induction week at Herts is two weeks away but the new team are already hard at work preparing for the next Formula Student season! Parts of the car are already being designed, with the hope that a basic rolling chassis model can be achieved by the start of term in three weeks.

For the car this year, the team are looking to implement several changes including moving from a single cylinder to a twin cylinder Honda CBR500. With this change we hope to increase the power and reliability of the engine to improve our results in the dynamic events. We also plan to do a mass analysis of the car to reduce weight wherever possible and minimise the impact of changing powertrain which is expected to add approximately 20kg to the overall mass of the car.

Many parts are already in manufacture and we hope to have the majority of the car made and built by the Christmas holidays so we can get out testing as soon as possible and refine the new powertrain!