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Shoaib Mohammed

Shoaib Mohammed

Aerodynamics Engineer


BEng Aerospace Engineering

Year of Study:


Previous Experience:

Two year’s experience in the concept class team, working as a Powertrain engineer and an Aerodynamics engineer.

Goal for UH23:

In line with my final year major project, I will be assessing the front tyre aerodynamic flow field of not only UH23 but future UH concept cars. Using CAD and CFD to analyse the flow field at various steering angles and crosswind angles in order to find a solution to reduce tyre wake and gain performance. Also working with the Marketing team to renovate social media platforms by uploading relevant content more frequently in order to give UH23 and our sponsors the recognition they deserve!

Favourite Motorsport Memory:

“Is that…is that Glock going slowly!? It is! Oh my goodness me, Hamilton’s back in position! 100,000 local hearts sink in the grandstand.” ~Hamilton claiming his first world title on the last lap at the dramatic 2008 Brazilian GP

Shoaib Mohammed