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Juan Carlos Sanchez

Juan Carlos Sanchez

Aerodynamics Engineer


MEng Aerospace Engineering

Year of Study:


Previous Experience:

One of my hobbies is building radio-controlled aircrafts made from foam board and different types of vehicles. One of my recent projects was to build a RC nitro truck from scratch, having to do a lot of research about how nitro-engines work. Additionally, I had to design and 3d print the front bumper, as this piece was missing. Once finished, and after a lot of engine tuning, the truck ran perfectly and looked stunning.

Goal for UH23:

My final year project consists in investigating the sensitivity of the aerodynamic devices in the UH23 car during operation with a view to decrease the aerodynamic sensitivity by minimizing downforce loss due to changes in the pitch angle, roll angle and yaw angle. Additionally, I will be working within the Aerodynamics department to potentially improve the current custom airfoils of UH23.

Favourite Motorsport Memory:

Watching F1 during the weekends with my family.

Juan Carlos Sanchez