UH Racing team

Dobromir Churov

Dobromir Churov

Drivetrain Engineer


BEng Automotive Engineering with Motorsport

Year of Study:


Previous Experience:

Four-month long internship as an Automotive Electronics Engineer at Autotrade Ltd

Goal for UH23:

In this season, as a Drivetrain Engineer, I aim to support day to day tasks related to propulsion by developing CAD models of parts and components that can not be scavenged or purchased off the shelf. The structural integrity of these parts and components will then be tested and validated with FAE, to ensure they meet all criteria with an added factor of safety, while maintaining production costs at a minimum. In addition to propulsion, in compliance with new FS rules, I intend to design and deliver a CAD model of a brand new QuickJack lift system, which will raise all 4 wheels of UH23.

Favourite Motorsport Memory:

When Scott Martin (Co-Driver) described the road to Craig Martin (Driver) with hand signals, after their intercom broke and they were unable to communicate verbally during the Acropolis Rally in 2014.