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RP Aero Systems

RP Aero Systems


The RP Group comprises two established, privately owned, UK engineering companies operating internationally in a number of diverse arenas.

“Managing Director Stephen Foster has a history in motorsport going back many years, starting with the Onyx F2 programme and developing with the Onyx F3000 and F1 projects. The company‚Äôs fine tolerance fabrication and moulded composite skills have been recognised with the award of significant contracts for components and assemblies to major companies involved in motorsport, architectural construction and the manufacture of road vehicles, helicopters, flight simulators, military equipment and audio systems.

Our composite facility encompasses all forms of low to medium volume manufacturing systems for thermoset plastic components, from conventional wet lay up GRP through Resin Injection and Casting systems to advanced wet lay up techniques using Carbon, Aramid and Glass fibres in Epoxy and Vinyl Ester resins. A wide range of metal and plastic materials is both handcrafted and machine processed. It includes steel, aluminium, titanium, thermoplastics, polymer resins, glass, aramid and carbon fibre.